CSSD Turnkey Solution

Architectural modeling or remodeling of CSSD Turnkey Solution to maintain the hygiene and sanitation of the hospitals. Professionally designed infection control civil structure, ventilation, plumbing and electric to stand up to NABH/ MCI norms and can be uplifted to international standards supported by the monitoring documentation of CSSD operations. HPHV AUTOMATIC AUTOCLAVE STERILIZER available in both RECTANGULAR and CYLINDRICAL forms. Which delivers accurate control of temperature, humidity & all other critical parameters through microprocessor. Faultless sterility assurance through AUTOMATIC ETO STERILIZER achieved by a précised automatic temperature control. Table top AUTOMATIC FLASH STERILIZER that offers rapid sterilization. Live display of phase status, current values, set values, temperature, pressure & humidity. An option to develop Current & previous reports through external printer/ internal printer. ULTRASONIC WASHER, WASHER DISINFECTOR, PASS BOX, CSSD FURNITURE, FOGGER and all other requirements for CSSD are bought together to provide an exclusive sterile service solution.