The best care we can cater the society is with the best of SERVICES we can offer. Which in turn comes with QUALITY of products that is on the platter. Stern are we with our determined target to improvise the quality standards of the Healthcare system. Service!! we comprehend this aspect in different way “a quench of undeclared needs”. The way we understand it, is the way we provide by strongly believing in what you give is what you expect.

Nostalgic Loft

Observations & experiments, the tools we carry to explore the world of life science, advancing all zones of health care system. Our summit will end as one of the finest, ethical life science service provider. We strive to offer top notch resource from life science, contributing towards the healthcare industry, with the thrift of serving the eco system. We believe in what we do and whatever we do we want it to add sense with integrity.

Protocol with Nature

With Strong belief in giving back to the nature from whatever we come across, we strive supporting and adopting sustainable practices from farm to pharm. Lyfsense’s founders have a long-standing history of social commitment. For every share of business, we care for world around us and we do our bit.


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The Game Changers

A bunch of frustrated and highly passionate professionals to provide solution to WHP- World Health Problems. Unsatisfied with the functionalities of the healthcare system, we have unified to construct a better one. Stuffed with academic and innovative ideas, we stand out to “re”boost the healthcare system by creating a transparent veil between technology and the society. With executant energy we are into research, resource and retail of health science products that adds value to healthcare, medical, pharma and life science industries.

Adding Sense To Life


Live your future

We all dream of our future to be at its best. Needless to say, we use the best tool that comes with a price tag – Our present! Lyfsense strive to get your future to the present.

With a strong belief in Science of Life, we take in as “Science wouldn’t have existed, if not for a life in this world..” Our life has given us the shot to understand what science has to propose.

In the mob of uncommon we are outlandish. Our ages in service and consumer industry brings you quality products with exemplary services.

We bring 31 years of collective experience in the field of Biotechnology and Healthcare to bring you the best of both.

An energetic team who is ready to do any freakish thing to add sense. Young crew of experts alloyed from diverse background of life. Who do dissimilar things in eccentric ways every day.

With the zap to get your future to the present, the gismo that we never forget is quality and service. That’s why we are proficient engineers who choose optimal source and RE-source for you.

At Lyfsense we explore what our future has to offer and choose the best for you. We add sense to life with science.

What We Offer

We give what we expect. Putting ourselves on your shoes we promise timeless service to ease your present with science.

Research & Study

With strong life science background, we make sure what we carry to our clientele is of right stature in terms of quality and authenticity. We pride in our knowledge what we have and quest is never ending to keep up with changing technology. We focus our research & study on the quality, efficacy & functionality of the product. Based on the results, we let the customer decide the best product that fit
into their needs.

Brand Value

A great brand is a story that never stops unfolding. Here we are to carry your brand that constructs a robust impact. With adept technical team we canvas the best layout for your product. Proficient capability to endorse / rephrase your brand that is adored by the drifting world. Our unparalleled efforts to bring you qualitative brands which leads innovation in the field of life science, gets the best out of us to
fulfill your need.

Product Marketing

Completely contradicting to the fact of right product, right place, right time we have based our concept by visualizing sense in the junk of the garage i.e. conceptualizing the true products for you. Our concern is authenticity of product, if that gets right, we expel the product to your summit. Erasing off the misconceptions in the field of marketing, we construct a transparent veil between the
product and customers.

Product Distribution

Creating a bridge between the product research, manufacturing and retailing we are committed for service oriented distribution channel which would provide value worth profit to our customers. We have maintained a proficient need & functionality built relationship with our vendors & customers.

Product Knowledge

A good hold in health care and even stronger in the field of life science background has helped us to have a better understanding of the products and provide right knowledge to the customer’s. This in turn does not let us to compromise on the Technical service of the product, offering best of customer support.

Lyfsense is a seamless platform to add sense to what you have to offer or gain. If adding value is what you believe, then lyfsense can be perfect one to be associated with. We let you explore your potential & assist you to reach the next level.

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